Vole Lib Research Institute is a non-profit company whose mission is to partner and work along side organizations, governments, and community groups in developing countries, to cultivate quality research focused on the use of culture and technological solutions that will enable developing communities to become self-sufficient. Currently we are working on a project in which we are cataloging the various endeavors and research that have been implemented world-wide as solutions to providing clean water in developing countries.

Polluted drinking water is the leading cause of death and diseases for over 14,000 people worldwide. The development of a unified solution to this problem is hindered by the accessibility of essential data and information regarding what has been proposed, discovered, and implemented. The purpose of this project is to design and develop a repository for collaborative data, research, & information regarding clean water access globally. We are in the process of creating a content management database system that will serve those working toward clean water solutions around the world. Your donations will us to achieve this worthy goal.

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