Vole Lib Research Institute is a research organization whose purpose is designing and developing technological solutions targeted towards improving the lives of under-served populations in developing countries. The organization focuses on utilizing local knowledge and resources to forge research, designed to aid communities in becoming self-sufficient.

Around the world there has been a growing interest to eradicate poverty and hunger, build sustainable communities, empower developing nations and indigenous populations. Western culture has remained at the forefront of such efforts. As such, it seems only natural that products, services, technologies, and approaches to the design, development, and implementation of these efforts for developing countries, using Western-influenced practices and biases, fail to provide a culturally authentic framework for understanding non-Western cultures and their essential value to reaching lasting viable solutions. Vole Lib Research Institute offers a different prospective to seeking out best approaches to such services. Vole Lib Research Institute works closely with local communities to first understand their culture artifacts and seek out culturally authentic technological solutions.